Wonder Woman vs Batman: Who Would Win?

Wonder Woman, also known as Princess Diana, has been considered a mighty protector of earth and her homeland, Themyscira. She has impressive skillsets and powers. She is one of the founding members of the Justice League, but today, the big question is; how would she fare in a battle with Batman?

While it is common knowledge that Batman has no powers, he is by no means a pushover. He, with Wonder Woman and Superman, created the Justice League. And, as he had demonstrated over the years since his introduction to the DC Universe, he is more than capable of holding his own in a fight with any superhero or villain.

Who would win between the two in a fight? To answer that we take a look at their various strengths and weaknesses.

Wonder Woman’s powers range from simple to impressive. She has impressive agility, a speed faster than the average human, peak physical condition, and excellent combat skills. She also has complete mastery of the use of her weapons; the lasso of truth and bracelet of submission. Her regenerative powers and flight also make her a formidable warrior. Having been trained as a warrior all her life, she is a grand tactician and strategist.

Although, Wonder Woman’s weaknesses are far and few between, they still exist. She has zero control of her powers and rage when her band of submission is destroyed. As illustrated in Wonder Woman #750 when Cheetah destroyed them, and she had to rush back to make another. Her Lasso of Truth can also strangle and kill her. Firearms, poison, and blades can also hurt her since she’s basically a human with divine powers.

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Batman is a prominent feature in the DC Universe. Most times, he is the de facto leader of the heroes. A heightened sense of morality causes him to always want to do things the ‘right’ way. Batman is always in peak human condition. He also has excellent combat skills, and he is tech-savvy. His genius-level intelligence means he is one step ahead when confronting an enemy.

Batman’s weaknesses are limited to his mental struggles with trauma and his reluctance to kill or maim even when if not done could lead to the death of several persons.