Wolverine VS Aquaman: Who Wins?

The King of Atlantis, Aquaman, has a significant edge over Wolverine due to his ability to swim and live in water. Wolverine is not a fast swimmer due to the adamantium in his body. When fighting on land, and Aquaman sees that he couldn’t defeat Wolverine on land, he can run to the sea where he can control tidal waves to harm Wolverine.

Additionally, if their fight happens at the ocean or seaside, Aquaman will emerge the winner almost all the time. This is because despite the metals in Wolverine’s body, he still feels pain and severe harm will make him unconscious, which Aquaman can also use as an advantage.

Wolverine is a talented martial artist, and he performs excellently in several types of hand-to-hand combats. He possesses super speed, intelligence, agility, strength, stamina, and healing power. Any part of his body that gets damaged or injured rejuvenates completely in a few seconds. Don’t forget that Wolverine’s skeleton and claws are bonded to adamantium, an indestructible steel alloy. This particularly provides him with durability and increased strength. All of those, together with Wolverine’s ability to heal quickly will make him almost impenetrable for Aquaman or any other superhero. Although Aquaman’s trident can cause damage to Weapon X, he will heal in a matter of seconds.

Aquaman on his part has adequate durability, superhuman reflexes and speed to the point that he can dodge close-range bullets. This durability is improved through the armored suit he puts on, which does not make him weaker or requires that he goes back to the ocean after a period of time.

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All in all, I think Aquaman will defeat Wolverine if both engage each other in a fight, either on the land or in the sea.