Why Gotham’s version of Joker is the best in recent times?

There have been numerous adaptations of the infamous Clowned prince of crime-The Joker. Among which only a few standouts and manage to stay in audiences mind very long. Heath Ledger’s Joker created a strong impression so much that people were not satisfied with anything less than his version of Joker. But the Gotham tv show’s redaction of Joker is one of the best adaptations of Joker in recent times for the reasons listed below:

Gotham's Joker is the best

The plot is engaging and persuasive

The Tv show is set in a pre-Batman world of Gotham city. We get to see a lot of well-executed origins of many of our beloved Batman villains. A confused teen from a circus turns into a homicidal maniac. As an abused kid Jerome kills his family and gets arrested. Jerome Valaska escapes the jail only to lead a group of lunatics called The Maniax. Eventually, Jerome Valaska gets killed. But he leaves behind his followers(The Maniax) who believed in his philosophy. Later Jerome gets resurrected by one of his followers to reign terror upon Gotham once again.

Jerome grew obsession over young Bruce and decides to play him with his crude sense of insanity. And ends up in Arkham once again for torching up Gotham. This time Jerome takes control of the whole of the Arkham Asylum allowing him to escape whenever he wants to. With his newfound inmate friends, Scarecrow, Penguin and Jarvis Tetch Valaska walks out of the Asylum and devise a plan to end Gotham. But Jerome gets killed in the process and leaves behind a parting gift for his twin brother Jeremiah Valaska. The poisonous gas turns Jeremiah as insane as his brother. Jerome wanted his legacy to continue even after his death, so he turned his brother into the clown boy we know today.

The character is exceptionally portrayed by Cameron Monaghan

Best joker everThe actor Cameron Monaghan is just astonishing and convincing as Joker. Cameron Monaghan’s adaptation is so refreshing to see on screen. More importantly, he adds a dose of insanity to the character which will haunt your dreams. The young actor claims that he is defensive about his character and wants to claim ownership on his pre-Joker version of the character. The actor was too good to be written off from the tv show after three seasons and the writers decided to revive him for a couple of more seasons.

Well written characters
Both versions of the Joker ie Jerome and Jeremiah are well written and executed presenting us with dual insanity. Jerome was abused so badly that he developed extreme sociopathic and sadistic traits. He being the man that he has become ultimately turns his twin brother into a Joker as well. Jerome is hugely influenced by Heath Ledger’s Dark Knight Joker. Whereas Jeremiah is cold, calculative, classy and as crazy as Jerome. Having said all that, this actor and the show deserve more attention than it already has.

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