Why do Tony Stark name his suites


Whats the reason behind naming all his suite as MARK !

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  1. “Mark” used in this way isn’t a name; it’s a synonym for “model” or “version”.

    A famous usage of this nomenclature was in the naming of the Colossus Mark I and Mark II computers, used in code-breaking during World War II.

    • Yeaah I get that. But why Mark, there has to be a reason. As you see, he named his AI JARVIS after his Father’s driver… So there has to be a reason for naming all his suits Mark!

      • Okay now you have got a point, there gotta be some reason! Let me know if you find one!

      • I have some thoughts on this.

        As you know stark industries make weapons like missiles. So when he made jericho missile. Terrorist got focus on him, and they kidnapped him. On this behalf of it’s just a missile through which his started as Ironman. So may be he was too attached with missile (even they are named as mark xyz) and named his armour with mark series.

        As i said this are just my thoughts not truth, so it may be possible or impossible.

  2. MARK can be an acronym as well just as JARVIS

  3. They have not given any reason .. about that

  4. Iron man used the word mark and follows by a number to distuingish his armours and I too don’t know the exact reason why he only used the word mark as he could instead use any otherwords

  5. the word mark was the name he chose and the number after ir is how many

  6. The word mark, followed by number, is a method of designating a version of a product. The kind of products that use this convention vary widely in complexity.

    This isn’t just for Marvel it’s something engineers do when designing rockets and tanks etc…

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