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  1. Witch can’t hammer because she has not THat ability to life hammer

  2. She might be able to make Mjolnir move in some way, possibly by moving Thor or causing the surface under the hammer to liquify.

  3. Thanks guys earlier I thought both have similar powers but now I get the difference

  4. Thor’s hammer locks into magnetic fields and that is what magneto controls whereas scarlet witch controls the object which is why it wont work for her

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  5. Magnet ho can create magnetic fields by which the mjlonir inbehaves but Scarlett witch controls the objects with her psychic powers with her mind powers and these type of powers have no impact on mjolinr

  6. Magneto was able to use his magnetic powers. Thor’s hammer locks into magnetic fields, Magneto possesses the power to wield Thor’s hammer because Mjolnir locks itself into Magnetic fields

  7. Thor’s hammer got locked itself into magnetic fields. Since Magneto can manipulate magnetic fields, he would be able to move the hammer no matter where it is
    but in main universe he was not able to lift it . Also he did not wield it

    Scarlett witch changes the probability of events around her .she can’t lift the hammer . Only if she shake or lifts Thor holding the hammer then.

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