Why Aquaman is the best DC Film so far

Aquaman, a stamp of comedy and ingenious writing into the justice league franchise. A superhero movie, with a streak of leaving a legendary mark, but with a taint of childish goofiness Aquaman had people in theatres worldwide at the edge of their seats with remarkable CGI and a storyline just as good. Much like its seriously faced star Jason Mamoa DC has taken upon itself to start flexing its muscles for two and a half hours in the ways corny jokes, and a whole miniseries of family melodrama at the audience.

Aquaman Detailed Movie Review

Aquaman had tamed quiet the tidal wave of success grossing a whopping $1 billion worldwide. A huge relief for Warner Bros and DC fans alike after the catastrophically disaster of what was the Justice League ($658m worldwide). The studio did have many hopes pinned on this standalone using this as a way of trying to reignite that love between DC and fans and paving a new road of theatrical delight in Aquaman’s own right.

Now Mamoa himself does play as Arthur Curry a half breed where his father is a retired human navy sailor and his mother the queen of Atlantis. The story does rather seem to have audiences connected to their family affair where it’s the typical two worlds meet and produce a prodigy warrior destined to make peace between the two. However, even though the Atlanteans shun Arthur due to his lineage, he is approached by the princess of Xelba the enticing Meera who in turn requests his help into finding a lost trident to bring peace and end the rule of his half-brother Orm, a war hungry delinquent ready to wage war on the surface world.

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Aquaman Best Movie of DC

Director James Wan himself had sought out and mirrored the film mechanics of films such as Indiana jones  and the likes of Shakespearean drama, where our hero ventures out to following clues to what will bring about global change or if not found quickly, ending in a rather grizzly way for us all at the hands of Orm, much of the Shakespearian drama mechanics can be seen through the love story, the family feuds and the means to do good to bring great change and prosperity.

Arthur himself can be seen as the man’s man, with his beefy physique and stocky bro friendly character, it makes a much more endearing DC character much further than the likes of the too over the top noble man of steel or the too dull (and slightly scary) Dark knight. This sort of character of Arthurs helps to lighten the films mood and help create a sort of like able sought after character.

To sum it all up with so many of DC’s characters having gloomy, self-sacrificing characters for many it had  seen to be a breath of fresh air of the arrival of the bellowing behemoth that is Jason mamoa aqua man, granted there were aspects that could do with a brush up, with the Shakespearian love mechanism there does seem to be a rather forced nature of things but granted there could be much further improvement down the line of this epic creation of james wan.

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