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  1. Laufey appears in the Marvel Studios film Thor played by Colm Feore. Like the Frost Giants in the film, this version stands between 8 and 10 ft., has blue skin, and their eyes are red. As in the comics, he is Loki’s father although he is unaware of the connection.

  2. lokis biological father is Laufey, the King of the Frost Giants. Odin adopted Loki after killing the king of the frost giants

  3. Loki is the biological son of Laufey. Odin adopted him.

  4. Loki is from the family of frost giants and Odin has adopted Loki in a war with the frost giants

  5. Laufey. He is the King of the Frost Giants, the biological father Loki. Odin is his step father.

  6. Loki is descendants of the frost giants

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