Who can beat Juggernaut?


What do you think, who can beat Juggernaut in a One on One combat?

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  1. Spider-Man, Spiderwoman, Thor, Hulk, Skaar and obviously the X-Men

  2. Hulk can but as mystery020 said there are many more that can kill juggernaut

  3. If the Hulk and Juggernaut hadn’t faced each other before, I really wouldn’t know what to answer here.

    Juggernaut is an avatar, to begin with, Cittorak’s representative on Earth, physically he’s on par with Thor or the Hulk, even on par with a rather enraged Hulk, in fact, it seems to me that he is stronger than a Hulk in a calm state.

    His powers are of mystical origin, and he is practically invulnerable, physically he has won and been defeated by the Hulk.

    Physically he will always be the strongest and most powerful Hulk, I would lean towards Juggernaut if it weren’t for the fact that the Hulk can physically hit him despite his impenetrable force field he possesses (his field has withstood Thor’s hammer as if nothing and even a Godforce) but without this advantage, in the long run, he would defeat the Hulk.

    Juggernaut in hand-to-hand combat has almost been defeated by Thor. Thor has not been able to do this with the Hulk. Under certain circumstances, Juggernaut would win (and also depending on what incarnation of the Hulk it is) but most fights would be won by the Hulk.

    I don’t consider any character invincible.

  4. Spiderman and magneto can defeat juggernut

  5. Spiderman,hulk,Thor,can beat the juggernaut

  6. Dr. Strange ? Yeah I think Dr Strange can easily beat Juggernaut. I just wanna see them fight. Is there a comic book series in which they both fight?

  7. If the question is who can defeat Juggernaut by removing from the field of play then many heroes have done this, even Spiderman, Hulk, Skaar (son of hulk) etc. If you are asking who could harm or even kill Juggernaut then this list becomes a lot more exclusive.

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