Who can beat Dr Manhattan in the DC universe?


I’m not too sure about this and I believe he is in the top 5 range of the most powerful beings in the DCU.

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  1. Marvel’s Beyonder and living tribunal

  2. I dont really think Dr. Manhattan is that Strong. But still suprheroes like: Presence, Spectre, Moniro will easily defeat him. What do you thinK?

    • I’m not sure who Moniro is but I believe Spectre May be able to a dead but living legend. But presence has immortality and his powers are similar to Marvels Spawns but he has fewer powers. Presence’s abilities lack against God-like levels Dr M in my opinion. But I would like to see that match up.

  3. No thick so not that powerful he is.

  4. From dc it has to be Superman

  5. I think Spectre yes, squirrel girl and Batman for sure.

    • If you’re not sure please don’t reply because this is pointless. Better to say nothing at all because I want to hear opinions that will help me solve this question.

  6. In the Watchmen , Dr. Manhattan is literally the only person with superpowers, so it’s difficult to say exactly how powerful he is because we just haven’t seen him up against someone who is his equal.
    But Mr. Mxyzptlk or any Five Dimensional Imp would easily beat dr. Manhattan.

  7. But ftom marvel I think galactus or maestro can defeat him

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