Who bought Avengers Tower?


First it was a Stark Tower, then Avengers Tower, and in Spider-Man: Homecoming was sold to a buyer. What do you think who bought the tower?

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  1. Avenger Towers was being rebuilt in Spider-man: Homecoming, so I think its a high possibility that Osborn might have bought the towers.

  2. I too agree with super nerd as Norman Osborn introduction into MCU is important and he is the wealthiest Person so there are much chance for him to buy it

  3. I do think Norman Osborne bought the tower

  4. it is most likely going to be norman osborn as he has not made an appearance in the mcu and he has a lot of money.

  5. It’s most likely the Oscorp building or the Baxter building.

  6. I also agree with Super NERD but i also think that the fantastic 4 can also buy this tower to make it Baxter building.

  7. I must say that’s really an important question. I would agree with Super Nerd here, Even I think that Osborn bought it and marvel was definitely planning to do something with that tower.

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