Which Super power would you like to posses?


If you had chance to select a superpower and have it for you, then which Super Power will you select and why?

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Raj Mehta 1 year 9 Answers 366 views Avenger 1

Answers ( 9 )

  1. Even Deadpool would have been cool

  2. The superpowers that I would like to posses are inviciblity ,flight ,superhuman strength ,spiderman powers ,iron fists ,and aqua man powers

  3. The superpower of cosmic ghost rider
    It’s most badass character in marvel with skills of Punisher and soul of ghost rider(the character has even adopted thanos)

  4. If I could be Batman that would be the best power in the whole damn DC & Marvel multiverses.

  5. And I like the superman powers

  6. If I would have to chance I would prosses Thor powers

  7. I would love to have the powers of spiderman with miles powers as well

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