Which member of the Justice League is able to beat Batman?


not through combat, by strategy. How will one defeat him?

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  1. Flash, yes, he is very smart and has used his speed with his smarts to defeat many.

  2. Unpopular opinion, it’d be either cyborg (Viktor) because of integration of human intelligence ( and since he was a sportsperson so strategy making skill will be there) with artificial intelligence or else Green lantern (H.Jordan) because he was a aircraft pilot (US Air force) which requires certain strategic thinking and obviously he had THE RING.

    • Being a sportsperson would actually be someone that incorporates great athleticism and strength instead of smarts (a stereotype). But I like your take on it and I think Hal would be able to take Batman on. Maybe with help from other lanterns.

  3. Green arrow or flash can Bea him up

  4. I think its green arrow or flash

  5. I think cyborg, green lantern,green arrow, black Canary, flash.

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