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  1. The events in endgame took at a faster rate and also there was no way she could have known about what was happening on earth as she was somewhere in distant universe…..only way to contact her was to send emergency signal which was later on sent by fury

  2. There were more threats in whole universe and universe is not small. So she was busy to defend the universe.

  3. She was fighting other people

  4. The events of Endgame was very sudden (at least the fight with Thanos and army), The Avengers had not anticipated the attack. And hence, most probably Carol was trying look after a very large part of the universe, which did not have the Avengers to go to.

  5. She is busy in protecting the other planets and making the love with harmony she could even not get an idea about what is going on earth when hulk brings everyone back nick fury sends a msg to her and the next moment boom she comes and takes the flying ship dowb

  6. She was protecting others also. And fighting with all

  7. In endgame she was in a diff universe or galaxy to help those affected by the snap, it had been five years and she did not know about their plan and that thanos had returned but she might have recieved a signal from Fury again which is why she came back to Earth and defeat thanos’s ship

  8. In infinity war she was in a diff universe or galaxy, she did not know about the fight and she probably didnt know what caused the snap but Fury sent the signal which is why she came to Earth

  9. She was in other planet’s to help them . On that time she don’t know about earth .

  10. In endgame she was somewhere in soace searching for a way to undo the snap

  11. In infinity war she had no information about the fight as nick was instructed to call her if it was really necessary

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