Where did they go!?


Some important characters in “The Incredible Hulk” are disappeared like betty, abomination, Samuel stern, Etc. (Except thunderbolt ross) Where did they all go!?

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  1. I know right! That sucks. I really like The incredible Hulk and it would be so awesome if mcu could make one more HULK. I would totally love that. But I think they didnt go for 2nd part because they replaced the Lead character…

  2. Yeah the replaced other characters and they also not getting any good reviews

  3. Abomination is not rechable as loli went for hulk and not him in avengers

  4. Abomination is on the prison of shield

  5. Because of getting less ratings and reviews they had stopped.

  6. They are just leading normal lifes

  7. Yeah I agree with Raj Mehta as they replaced the lead character and the movie has got very less recognition and less ratings they stooped the second part and never thought of that or maybe waiting for a correct time

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