Where did Loki go in Endgame? Do you think he is still alive?


Thanos killed loki in Infinity war. But in Endgame he took the tesseract in 2012 and disappared. So is he alive and what do you think where did he go?

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  1. Loki is alive as he transported himself with the help of tesseracts in year 2012 .he maybe in alternate timelines in according to me ,for aprrox details we have to wait for the Disney+ as we are going to get a web series of Loki .

  2. Your only answer to this question will the loki series. But it the story of loki of different timeline. In main timeline loki is confirmatory dead.

  3. He might not be alive but his movies will clear things up

  4. We will definitely get our answers in the Loki series, and we might get to see alternate timelines as well as possible subtle hints in the main timeline. Loki has always been my favorite character in the MCU, he is an anti-hero, as I am not a fan of the clich├ęs of heroes. So I am really excited for the Loki series and for Tom Hiddleston to be back playing him.

  5. I think he may be alive in the alternate streams but not in the main streaks we may see Loki in the future marvel and web series

  6. Yeah i think we see him but he will be not the same. I loved him in Thor 3. Before he died he changed his personality. I still hope he is alive and tricked.

  7. ofcource he is alive. He vanished and this changes everything now. I just cannot wait to see him again. Also he is getting his new series right!

  8. According to Tom Hiddleston (the actor who plays Loki, just in case anyone seriously doesn’t know), both the questions about Loki dying in IW, and what happened to the EG version will be answered in the Disney+ series “Loki”

  9. He is not alive in main timeline. Bit he can be seen in whatif series. The most probable choice is that he might have gone to thanos so that he can again attack earth

  10. I think he is alive, and we will definitely see him in future MCU Movies.

  11. But in Endgame he was not alive .. he was dead

  12. loki is dead in the main timeline but in a diff timeline he is alive as he used the tesseract to escape

  13. Yeah, I thick loki is alive we can see him in future movies of mcu

  14. The loki series would throw some light on it for sure

  15. Maybe he went to thanos

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