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  1. I think its Moon Knight he is like Marvel’s Batman!!!!!

  2. For me it would be definitely “The moon knight”. I love his costume so much. The personality,IQ.

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  3. Fury, the guy is practically the origin of the Avengers.
    He was the one to come up with the Avengers Initiative.
    Also he helped Avengers everywhere
    First telling Stark about the warhead
    Then coming to rescue residents of sokovia
    Then Calling help if Carol, without which Tony would still be up in space.

  4. I see most of the people are saying Moon Knight. But as we all know that a Disney+ exclusive Moon Knight is confirmed in the D23 Expo.
    Talking about my favourite, it would be KA-ZAR. Most of you guys must be like ‘KA-ZAR who? Never heard of him.’ So let me tell you. He’s a tarzan kind of superhero from Marvel Comics which is in the early stage of life. He is well known for his partner and his pet, his tiger named Zabu.
    If you just got to know about him go collect some information on KA-ZAR. I can assure you that you’ll be amazed.✌????

  5. Adam Warlock definitely bcs of his awesome costume and strength.

  6. Ghost rider of comic’s also ..

  7. But still I think cosmic ghost rider deserves a series of his own

  8. Loki, tone stark ,batman

  9. For me its moon knight he is just amazing ????????????????

  10. Cosmic Ghost Rider

  11. Moon knight will be my second fav

  12. Loki!!! Idk if that counts

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