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  1. To know what happens in the Budapest we have to defenitly wait till the black widow movie shows up as the entire movie revolves around it

  2. Budapest is the main plot around which the next movie of MCU’s Balck widow is based on.

  3. It will be clear in the upcoming Black Widow movie.
    Though whatever happened, Clint and nat were probably on different sides (as Clint mentions that they both remember Budapest differently)

  4. See budapest story is the main plot of black widdow movie. So it will be revealed in black widdow movie

  5. I thick so he is good now

  6. The events of Budapest will become clear in the Black Widow movie

  7. To know about it we should wait the black widow movie ..

  8. Budapest has affected them mentally and for good,of course,but in particular this scene shows how close they became in there

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