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  1. There’s no particular answer to this question. As in the DC Rebirth storyline, when Batman sat on the Mobius Chair and asked this question, he got the answer saying that there were not one, but three Jokers.

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  2. There are 3 jokers according to comics so we cannot say the exact name of the joke

  3. It’ll be rlly weird if its something like brad or robert…

  4. Oh sorry I guess no one knows

  5. Im not really a big DC fan so idk

  6. This this is one of the greatest mystery that dc will never about.

  7. I believe that is still a mystery as the origin keeps changing. And correct me if I am wrong, but in the show Gotham, Jerome Valeska is not the Joker. At least, he is not referred to as the Joker.

  8. Jokers origins and background will forever be a mystery since he’s always changing his story in the comics.

  9. Yeah i wanna know too but i think he is just the Joker????‍♂️

  10. Joaquin Phoenix, LOL Sorry

  11. Maybe we’ll get the answer in currently releasing movie joker

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