What is going to happen to happy in the Spider-Man universe?


Since spiderman is owned by sony now but happy is apart of the disney MCU.

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  1. Or they can use young avengers

  2. He’s going to manage Peter

  3. I think he won’t be able in future movies

  4. Happy is still owned by MCU and in the next spiderman movie maybe he would be back with pepper

  5. Maybe they wouldn’t include him in future movies

  6. Happy is a character owned by the MCU, Sony owns Spidey so their screen time will be limited together.

  7. I think now they will use him with young Avengers or any new hero like iron lad.

  8. I think thats going to be really confusing and destroy the clear Cinematic Universe that Feige build. Its going to be a mess. I think he is going.

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