Was Money The Only Reason Spiderman Was Kicked Out?


I Personally Think Spiderman Was Kicked Out For Many Other Reasons. Its The Monopoly Of The Sony! I Hope The Next Spiderman Actor Would Be More Better than tom holland.

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  1. I think tom Holland is best actor as Spiderman right now.

  2. Yes. Sony only want money even marvel wants too. But sony just make movies for money .

  3. Maybe sony want Spiderman face with venom or another Spiderman into the spiderverse2

  4. They both want money only

  5. Now it has both spiderman and venom to develop a massive storyline

  6. It was because of money cuz sony wanted more money. Tom Holland is a great spiderman as he has humour as well as high school troubles, the other spideys had it easier (apart from Garfields cuz of his GFs death)

  7. Marvel also needs the money but in the the way there are earning money they also produce or make some very good movies and protects the legacy but whereas Sony it only thinks about the profits

  8. I thick Tom holland is best actor and every one want more money

  9. Tom Holland has handled the role skilfully its Marvel’s fault of portraying him as a humorous person (Peter Parker is humourless so.etimes)

  10. I think sony wants an established character to make some good money

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