When Deadpool Becomes Venom-Pool!

Venom PoolIt all went down in ‘What if Venom Possessed Deadpool #1’. Since this is a what-if comic, this story isn’t in main continuity. But it’s still fun nonetheless.

The comic starts with Galactus hiring Deadpool to assassinate the Beyonder. That’s right the destroyer of worlds hires Deadpool to assassinate The Beyonder.

Now, why is he hiring Deadpool to assassinate him? Because the Beyonder and all of his omnipotent powers decided it would be funny to play a practical joke on Galactus by merging MODOK on to Galactus butt. I am NOT making this up look at that panel. LOL.

Anyway, because of this Galactus tells Deadpool who by the way has a mustache on his mask, to use the retcon expunged afire, which is capable of erasing anyone or anything from continuity. Meaning Galactus wants Deadpool to erase Beyonder from continuity. So Deadpool is teleported back to earth by Galactus to start his mission. Deadpool ends up finding the Beyonder at a nightclub surrounded by a bunch of women. The problem is Deadpool can’t get himself to shoot the Beyonder as he says, “His Jheri curls are so beautiful so perfect.” That’s right Deadpool is fascinated with the Beyonder’s Jheri curls so much so that he can’t get himself to kill him.

Jheri curls

The two end up hitting it off . Later, the Beyonder ends up inviting Deadpool in his limo to party with a bunch of girls. But their good time is interrupted when Spiderman crashes through one of the limo windows and grabs Beyonder by his neck saying, “You led me to this evil symbiote jumpsuit.”
The Beyonder says, “Most definitely it’s fully legit.”
Spider-man replies, “Legit, I can’t get this damn thing off.”

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Just then the Beyonder’s limo driver shoots spider-man, and the sound of the gunshots makes the symbiote jump off of Peter Parker. But the symbiote always wanting a host decides to attach itself to Deadpool finally giving us Venompool.

But it just doesn’t give us Venompool; it gives us Jheri curls Venompool. Beyonder even says, “That thing has bonded with you creating a new super cool antihero with wicked sentient Jheri curls. This is one primo outfit.”

But we then jumped to 1993 where Deadpool and Beyonder have been partying for years, and somewhere along the line, they started hanging out with a full-blown alcoholic Tony Stark. But the novelty has worn off of the partying lifestyle for the Beyonder. So he leaves Venompool and Tony Stark. But since Venompool has been partying for all these years, he’s lost everything and has no money. So he decides to make money by selling Tony Stark to A.I.M. To which A.I.M. says, “Hey, thanks again. Remember here at A.I.M. we buy any genius weapon designer you have lying around.”

This comic is absolutely ridiculous but in the best way possible. After this, he goes on to try to be a real hero. So he seeks to join the Fantastic Four, they say no. Then he tries to join the Avengers; they say no. So on and so forth.

At some point, he goes to a bell tower to use its sound to get rid of the Jheri Curls as that’s the only way he thought he would be taken seriously. And now Curless Venompool becomes an antihero, chopping off criminals heads, cutting a purse thief right in half and so on and so forth. In short for the rest of the issue Venompool is just trying to find a sense of recognition and acceptance by everyone around him.

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Along the way, he reencountered the Beyonder now with his girlfriend Carnage curl. I can’t make this stuff up people it’s too surprising. (check it out in the picture below).

Venompool eventually ends up killing Galactus and Beyonder with their retcon expunged of fire.

He also became a movie star when he made a movie about killing Galactus and the Beyonder. But even after getting all this recognition for saving the world he still gets jealous when other heroes get attention. So while Thor is on the crapper, he picks up Mjölnir, because apparently he’s worthy in this story and kills Thor with his own hammer. Then over the next year, Venompool killed every hero and every villain, leaving only the attractive alive for Adoration purposes as he says!

In the end, none of this is still enough for him. Realizing nothing is ever gonna make him happy, he uses the retcon of sponge afire erasing the entire universe including himself.


And that’s how the issue ends my friends. I personally thought this was a really fun read but also an extremely weird read. That’s the cool thing about What-if stories; you can do whatever you want and get away with it because it’s a what-if. I will admit one thing though; I loved the costume designed for Venompool. Anyway, let me know what you guys think of venom pool. Do you like him? Do you hate him? Or just think it’s plain weird? Let me know in the comments down below.