How would the original 6 fare against the Children of Thanos in a fight?

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  1. They not introduced any deadly son we know only the gamora and nebula

  2. And if you consider all his children including nebula and gamora then they are unbeatable

  3. So far marvel hasn’t introduced Thane,thanos’s most deadly son

  4. They would loose for sure

  5. They would of course win as they have a monster which can defeat a whole army and a god and a super solider and a tactician

  6. When you say children of Thanos are Gamora and Nebula counted? Because then it is six on six but i think the originaals would win cuz they have a god and Hulk

  7. The original six would wrech the children of Thanos

  8. They are fair if children of Thanos get there fifth member with them who is supergiant.

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