Top 10 Richest Superheroes of DC Comics

There are many perks from spending your day as a superhero. But if you add tons of cash to your arsenal, you will be the luckiest person alive. After all, there is nothing cooler than a rich superhero.

Many characters in the DC universe have fortunes stacked in the banks or secret vaults. Besides, they also spend their time-fighting crime or battling galactic overlords.

Are you curious about some of the wealthiest people on DC comics? Well, our list has money bags from all parts of the DC universe. Here are some of the DC superheroes that have incredible amounts of money (in no particular order).


1. Aquaman (Arthur Curry)

Famed for his magical trident and his love for his homeland, Aquaman is one of the top wealthiest DC superheroes. After all, he is the King of Atlantis and has control over all the seven seas’ resources. He also owns any hidden treasure from shipwrecks or other sunken craft. 

Thanks to these sources of wealth, Aquaman’s net worth runs into trillions of dollars. However, the exact value of his wealth is unknown.

2. The Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)

His parents owned a weapons company, Queen Industries, and made a fortune. After their deaths, Oliver inherited the business and a massive fortune. Besides, he funded the activities of the JLA before leaving the group. 

Although he tends to lose money, he is quite successful in recovering his losses. Overall, he has an estimated net worth of 7 billion dollars. With this figure, he stands as one of the wealthiest members of the DC universe.

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3. The Batman (Bruce Wayne)

The Dark Knight comes from one of the wealthiest families in Gotham. His father owned Wayne industries while his mother’s relatives founded an equally successful pharmaceutical firm. The Wayne family also had investments in real estate.

Bruce inherited these assets and a massive fortune. Most of the money goes into running Batman’s operations, living a playboy lifestyle, and funding scholarships. He even went as far as buying the Lazarus pit with plans to fill them up.

4. Izaya (The High Father)

The High Father is one of the wealthiest superheroes of the DC universe. He rules New Genesis and controls unspeakable amounts of wealth. Since he comes from an ancient alien civilization, we cannot estimate the value of his fortune. 

5. The Blue Bettle (Ted Kord)

Ted Kord is the alter ego of the second Blue Bettle. Whenever he is not saving the world, he is possibly running his tech enterprise’s affairs, Kord Industries. 

But his company wasn’t always big; he inherited it (as a small R&D firm) from his father and made it into one of the top companies of the DC Universe. Although Kord Industries has few issues, it still gathers a healthy profit for the blue superhero.

6. Wonder Woman (Princess Diana)

Apart from having incredible powers, Princess Diana also enjoys a life of luxury. This fact isn’t a surprise as she is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, ruler of the ancient Amazon race. Besides, she works as her country’s diplomat to the United States.

As expected, Diana has access to troves of ancient treasure. Even her bulletproof bracelets and tiara should cost a staggering sum. Overall, she stands as one of the wealthiest DC Superheroes of all time.

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7. The Atom (Ray Palmer)

He founded Palmer Technologies that competes with top businesses in the DC Universe. He also works as a leading physicist and professor in Ivy Town. Moreover, he runs a video game company with his time – traveler friend, Booster Gold.

His earnings help him get futuristic tech and fund his many adventures. Besides, he was able to buy out Oliver McQueen’s company.

8. Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt)

Even Michael Holt cannot lift buildings or shoot beams from his eyes; he has an incredible amount of wealth that would make most superheroes go green with envy. Famed as the third smartest man in the world (he has 14 PhDs), Mr. Terrific founded a successful tech company and became a self- made millionaire.

Although Holt sold his firm to Bruce Wayne, he has enough cash to own high powered weaponry and gadgets. Did we forget to mention that he was also a gold medal Olympic decathlete?

9. Booster Gold (Michael John Carter)

Unlike most of the names on our list, Micheal Carter did not come from a wealthy home. Besides, his father abandoned the family and left them with hefty gambling debts. Since he wanted to settle these debts, he went into crime and got locked up.

His fortunes changed after he got a super-suit and traveled into the past. Here, he became rich and famous, especially after saving the President from an assassination attempt. Sadly, his manager stole most of his earnings.

But that didn’t stop him from more money. Booster Gold secured massive contracts to make endorsements for private companies. He also runs a video game company with Ted Kord.

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10. Etrigan (Jason Blood)

The Demon is also another wealthy individual on our top richest DC superhero list. As an immortal, he has made a large fortune from centuries of war and bloodshed. His gear also includes mystical artifacts that have immeasurable value.

After abandoning his bloodthirsty lifestyle, he decided to become a demonologist and a member of Justice League Dark. He even took an offer and became a candidate in a humourous Presidential election.


The DC Universe is littered with tons of wealthy superheroes. Some characters were born into affluent families, while others created their fortunes. Other rich heroes include Geoforce (a member of the Markovia Royal Family) and Beast Boy (he was a celebrity star that worked on a Sci-Fi TV series). You will also have Damian Wayne (his blood ties with Ra’s al Ghul and Bruce Wayne will ensure a massive inheritance). 

Do you agree with our list of top richest DC superheroes? If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free and drop them in the space below.