Top 10 Characters that Could Beat Dr. Manhattan

Since his debut in the Watchmen series, Dr. Manhattan is one of the most powerful comic characters of the DC Universe. His powers include everything from immortality to time travel. Because of these abilities, some comic fans describe him as a god.

Now the question comes – who can beat Dr. Manhattan? Although he has enough abilities to ensure victory, some characters can defeat the superhero.

The Characters

Now here are some of the top 10 characters that can beat Dr. Manhattan. This list consists of both Marvel and DC Characters.

1. Dr. Fate

Although Dr. Manhattan has many powers, he does not have control over astral beings like Dr. Fate. Besides, Dr. Fate is one of the most powerful magicians in the DC Universe. Because of these reasons, it is possible for the sorcerer to defeat Manhattan.

2. Batman

Ok, Batman might not have the god-like powers but he has the brain that could whip up plans. After all, he has taken on the supervillains like Ares, Kalibak, and even Darkseid. He even defeated Superman more than once.

If Batman prepares properly, he would find Dr. Manhattan’s weakness. Also, he would surely come up with a gadget that would give him an edge in the battle.

3. Darkseid

Do you still know who can beat Dr. Manhattan? Of course, you can add Darkseid to the list. When it comes down to it, the New god can make Manhattan sweat in battle.

So what gives Darkseid the upper hand? Well, he can get into Manhattan’s head with the power of telepathy. Also, he possesses the Omega Beams that can twist reality. Finally, Darkseid is an evil personality with a very dark mind.

4. Charles Xavier 

Charles Xavier is one of the top characters that could defeat Dr. Manhattan in combat. Since Dr. Manhattan has a weak mind, he could fall under the control of Charles Xavier.

In the Marvel – Verse, Charles Xavier is one of the most powerful mutants and telepaths. With his mind, he has switched bodies, put Magneto in a coma, and break Wolverine’s adamantium bones. So if he meets Dr. Manhattan, Charles would attack and destroy his mind. He could even make Manhattan forget how to use his powers.

5. Galactus

To be honest, Galactus is another being that could knock out  Dr. Manhattan. So if you see anyone asking about who can beat Manhattan in a fight, simply smile and mutter “Galactus”

Also known as the Eater of Worlds, Galactus has everything needed to defeat the former lab scientist. After all, Galactus gains power from destroying star systems. Moreover, he has enough strength to absorb Manhattan’s energy.

6. Odin

Dr. Manhattan might have tons of badass powers. But he might have a tough time fighting against an ancient Norse God like Odin.

Normally, Odin boasts of incredible strength and metaphysical abilities. However, his powers are enhanced by his possession of the Odin-force.

With the Odin-force, Odin could create and destroy galaxies. He can even use the powers to teleport humans to other dimensions. Looking at these amazing abilities, he stands as a worthy opponent against Dr. Manhattan.

7. Dr. Strange

Also, know as the Master of the Mystic Arts, Dr. Strange is one of the characters that could defeat Dr. Manhattan. After all, he is one of the top sorcerers of the Marvel universe. Here he has defeated super-powered opponents like Mephisto.

Besides, Strange has better control of space and time than Manhattan. 

8. The Beyonder

Who can defeat Dr. Manhattan? If this question still pops up, you can choose the Beyonder. Unlike most of the characters on our list, the Beyonder is one of the beings that is stronger than a combination of all the heroes of the Marvel universe. He even goes as far as creating and destroying universes for his purposes. 

Since his powers are at a higher level than that of Dr. Manhattan, the Beyonder can easily destroy the former scientist.

9. Sentry

Robert Reynolds has enough reasons to win any match against Dr. Manhattan. As the Sentry, he ripped Ares into pieces and single-handedly destroyed many superheroes. Also, he has the power of immortality and god-like strength.

The true limits of his abilities are unknown. With this in mind, Dr. Manhattan would lose against Sentry.

10. Silver Surfer

Even if the Silver Surfer is a creation of Galactus, he can win any fight against Dr. Manhattan. Both characters might have similar powers but Silver Surfer’s ability to control molecules would give an upper edge.


Can Silver Surfer beat Dr Manhattan?

Yes, Silver Surfer could beat Dr. Manhattan in a fight.

Can Dr Manhattan beat Darkseid?

No, Dr Manhattan cannot beat Darkseid.

Who could beat Dr Manhattan?

Characters that could beat Dr Manhattan include:

Who is stronger than Dr Manhattan?

Dr Fate and Darkseid are stronger than Dr Manhattan.

Can Dr Fate beat Dr Manhattan?

Yes, Dr Fate can also beat Manhattan.