I hate what marvel is doing with thor (making him fat for comedy, now jane foster as thor)
I would have loved to see king thor in avengers endgame or thor 4
What is your stance on thor
Do you think king thor is still possible

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  1. I think so in future movies he can become same the king Thor

  2. But he became popular . Buy becomeimg fat .

  3. We can only expect . Any one don’t want thor to become fat . And their are somany movies of Thor any thing can happen

  4. Even in comics oldman thor and king thor are a little bit stout but I think the move of Lebowski thor(jane foster) is a good one.

  5. We could expect a lot from the movie Thor love and thunder nobody wanted iron man to die but he died nobody wanted Thor to be lazy or fat but he became the only thing we could hope is there is a big reason for making Thor fat

  6. I don’t want a ladt thor!

  7. I think that the comedy aspect from Ragnarok and Endgame has really helped Thor become more popular. I don’t believe that Thor will be seen as lazy in the new film and should be funny but also important for getting Thor to build up his strength again. I really like that Jane is coming back, also!

  8. Thor being ‘fat’ is a comedic element that is deliberately incorporated into the movie.
    Jane Foster as Thor is one way to attract members of the female audience and post modern feminists.

    We can see in the posters that Thor is wielding the storm breaker or jarnbyorn whilst Foster wields the mjolnir.

  9. Yeah! you are right. But now in thor 4 , thor will be get back on track. As the main focus will be on thor & jane. The movie will be still funny & with package of action. I think he will get his power belt also.

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