Thor vs Superman: Who Would Win?

In the world of comics, Superman and Thor are regarded as some of the most popular heroes. With Superman as the Man of Steel and Thor as the god of Thunder, these characters come as the most powerful individuals in their respective universes. Looking at their abilities, we would like to know who would become victorious in a match between these two icons.

In this battle, Thor might have an upper hand as he can fight under any condition without affecting his powers. However, Superman does not enjoy this privilege. If the battle is held under a red sun or an eclipse, the Man of Steel will become weaker and lose the fight.

Asides from radiation, exposure to Kryptonite is another common way to defeat Kar-EL. Even if Thor does not use his high-powered abilities, bringing this material to a fight is enough to drain the strength from Superman. Moreover, the presence of kryptonite can also result in the death of the Man of Steel.

But if the fight occurs under normal conditions, Superman can put up a pretty good fight against the God of thunder. Kal-El has a physical strength that rivals anything Thor can offer. Also, he has superhuman speed that can easily dodge Thor’s lightning bolts.

On the other hand, Thor is an immortal being with more than a millennia’s worth of fighting experience. Even without his powers, this hero is a top-class hand-to-hand combatant and swordsman. Although Superman has a decent knowledge of martial arts, he might not be able to handle Thor.

Superman’s weakness for magic can also affect his victory over Thor. After all, Thor is a god that uses magic to create lightning. If these attacks hit the Man of Steel, it can weaken him or even result in more damage.

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But Superman isn’t entirely weak against Thor. As he has superhuman speed and flight, he can attack Thor while he prepares to summon lightning bolts. Besides, he can also use the same speed to disarm Thor of his “energy-giving” belt.

Furthermore, Thor’s attachment to his hammer might work against his favor. Using his super-intelligence, Superman can make him lose the hammer. Even if the God of Thunder can fight without this weapon, keeping him from his hammer can affect his confidence and desire to battle.

Superman is one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe. However, it might not be easy for him to take down this Asgardian god. Overall, Thor will become the winner in any potential matchup between both characters.