Thor vs Odin: Who Would Win?

A father-son brawl happens occasionally as respect is usually accorded to the father by the son. In a world where there are superheroes with freakish levels of powers, there is a possibility for such a fight to occur. Throw in Odin and Thor.

Odin, the ruler of Asgard and the creator of the Mjolnir, is the father of Thor. As the ruler of Asgard, he can accomplish amazing feats during battles. Thor, on the other hand, isn’t a pushover. He has proven on countless occasions that he could go toe-to-toe with any opponent he comes up against. Will Odin be one of those?

Odin is like a badass dad who doesn’t like to get involved in a fight until pushed to the limits. Throughout his existence in the Marvel Universe, he had repeatedly chosen peace over brash confrontation. This stance makes him look like a coward, but he isn’t.

It could be forgiven of a person if they overlooked the full scope of Odin’s powers. He rarely uses them. But, Odin, as the ruler of Asgard has a range of powers even Thor couldn’t rival. For starters, his superhuman strength, durability, and longevity make those of Thor seemingly inconsequential. While, it would be an even match at the start, Odin would quickly come out on top. That’s how strong Odin is.

A few might argue that Thor rage might come in handy, but Odin is the more tactical of the two, and would easily manoeuvre his way around Thor.  Odin’s dimensional teleportation gives him an edge in choosing which dimension that flavours him the most. The basic powers of Thor which are electrical and weather manipulation are also present in his arsenal, only that he uses them better. Astral projection is his thing, and he uses them to great effect.

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Thor is susceptible to magic, and the Odin Force used by Odin is unrivalled by anyone in Asgard. He can make Thor obey his every command with his telepathy. Thor is a tough challenge but for Odin, he is light work.  He simply doesn’t match up to the All Father. Peace might be Odin’s first resort, but when it comes to punches, he doesn’t shy away from throwing some heavy ones.

Oh! There is also the tiny detail of him being able to take away the Mjolnir from Thor as he is the creator. This would mean that Thor powers are greatly reduced.  Odin wins this one easily as he has the advantage between the two.