Thor at first stage vs Captain in Endgame


Its logically correct as in this case cap has become more experienced in warfare and has also gained many technically he is more powerful than thor in avengers 1

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  1. Yes I agree with the Ashwina5300 5300 when cap in the endgame is compared to the Thor in his first debut ,cap is powerful as the super soldier serum boosts up his thinking power and planning tactics and strategies compared to the thor

  2. I wouldnt rule out the fact that thor is over 1000 years old and has fought many intergalactic battles… So comming to the point thor is sure to be more stronger than cap, but talking about war tatics and strategies cap is sure to be ont top cuz the ‘super soilder’ serum boosts cap performance in any field thus allowing him to make fast calculated moves and have powerful strategies

  3. Yes! Technically cap version-eg is more powerful than thor version-1, bcz on that point thor is just a god who don’t even knows his powers.

  4. No bro by getting hammer is not more powerful. The tor is more power full than cap. But cap will get more power by hammer . But he can’t defeat thor

  5. Lifting the hammer is not that cap is powerful. Cap has good skills ,super soldier .but Thor is powerful then cap.

  6. Just because cap lifted the hammer doesn’t mean he is lord of thunder, moreover Russo bros have stated that thor was most powerful in endgame

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