The reasons behind the cancellation of Marvel Shows on Netflix…

As we look over the past few months the most popular and preferred streaming giant Netflix is on a roll cancelling the Marvel TV series. Recently the most praised show The Daredevil was cancelled after a jaw-dropping 3 seasons. Shortly after that Jessica Jones and The Punisher were given a red signal too.

The reason for the end of this partnership between Marvel and Netflix is that Netflix didn’t own any stakes in any of the series. Disney owned all the series right from the start and all Netflix had to do was to pay a high price to license them. So Netflix was shelling out to make 5 high budget shows (Luke Cage and Iron Fist included) along with paying a licensing fee too. This was a huge downer for the streaming company.

Many people have pointed out on various media platforms that Disney is much focussed on its very own streaming service in partnership with Hulu, Disney+, which it’s investing a great deal of money into. Three MCU spin-off shows are reportedly in various stages of development – Falcon & Winter Soldier, Loki and Vision & Scarlett Witch – as well as two live-action series from the Star Wars Universe, the first of which already costs Disney a hefty $100 million for just 10 episodes from directors Jon Favreau, Taika Waititi and more added to the list.

As for now, Disney still has the shows running including ABC‘s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Freedom‘s Cloak & Dagger, Hulu Runaways, and FOX series, The Gifted.

Whatever the fans might be thinking of but one reason for Netflix’s decision to put an end to Marvel shows is that Netflix finally needed to cut off its losses and move on. Surely this decision wouldn’t have be an easy one keeping in mind the Marvel Family it gained with the shows.

THR noted that there were many significant changes behind the scenes on Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron Fist in their time on Netflix. Changes being the leaving of showrunners and the need for replacement, causing more problems for the involved parties.

Another reason is that the overall streaming media are changing gradually. WarnerMedia and Comcast, both are launching their own streaming services in a short time, and we’ll most likely see the other films and series which are currently paid by Netflix on these new media platform.

Will the Netflix’s Marvel shows be brought back? No-one can be so sure about it at present. But one thing is sure that we’re not getting them anytime soon. The cast and the writers are moving on, and looking at the facts – we should too.

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