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What material was Thanos’s sword and armour made of? And who made them?

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  1. It is made out of uru metal Made by eitri.

  2. Comic book writer Jim Starlin, who created Thanos, mentioned in an interview with Digital Spy that the Double-Edged Sword was inspired by the ThanosCopter, a helicopter piloted by Thanos in Larry Lieber’s Spidey Super Stories.

  3. Uru and forged in a dying star

  4. The material that used makeing of thanos sword and armour done by ura metal asgaurian eitiri

  5. It was made up of uru the same material of which mjnoir is made up of

  6. I think it was made of uru metal by the asgaurian eitiri

  7. It could have been Vibranium.. What do you think?

    • It was actually made of uru… And made by eitri… In the comic Thanos: Titans consumed, Thanos describes as almost being killed by an asguardian sword which he removed from his chest and kept it for himself… This might actually be the sword which we see in endgame

    • Don’t think so. Black panthers suit too is made of vibranium, and all it could do was scratch the paint off the shield……

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