Taskmaster vs Deathstroke Who would win?


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Tyyyyie 8 months 6 Answers 103 views Superhero 1

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  1. I’d think Deathstroke

  2. Taskmaster will win.he is more powerful then deathstorke

  3. I think taskmaster would outwit death stroke and win

  4. Although this would be a very tough battle, in the end, the victor would be Deathstroke. Even though task master has the ability to learn his enemy’s moves and predict their next move, Deathstroke has enhanced regeneration. So, in the long run, Deathstroke definitely had the advantage. Additionally, Task Master could only use the ability to copy his opponent’s moves for a limited time and would tire him out. Deathstroke on the other hand has superhuman durability. As the result, Deathstroke would eventually win.

  5. Taskmaster for sure

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