Superman vs Hulk: Who Would Win?

Superman and Hulk are pillars in their various universes. Superman is important in the creation of the Justice League and is often referred to as “Earth’s Mightiest Hero.” Hulk, on the other hand, is a colossus; a wrecking ball protector of the earth in the Marvel Universe. They are fearsome foes for any villain, but the question remains. Who would win when both of them face each other in a fight?

Superman possesses an array of powers that make him almost godlike. In some issues of the comics, he is portrayed as a god. Superman possesses powers such as immense superhuman strength, speed, agility, intelligence, reflexes, and Intelligence, Solar energy radiation absorption, Molecular acceleration, Superhuman vision, Superhuman breath, Invulnerability, Superhuman Stamina, Accelerated heating, Flight.

This would be superman in his most basic form. A version of Superman presents him as Superman Prime, and coupled with his old powers, he now has super olfaction, stellar energy absorption and expulsion, solar supercharge, power-sharing, immortality, and reality alteration.

These powers make Superman almost unbeatable. There are also very few known weaknesses of Superman, with green kryptonite and the red sun having severe damaging effects on him. In some cases, heavy artillery like bombs could cause damage or kill him.

Hulk isn’t a pushover. His limitless strength tied to his rage means he could keep going as long as he stays angry. Also, there is the advantageous issue of his quick healing. Hulk has ridiculously high stamina and can leap great distances at any given point.

Hulk is also immune to telepathy and can see ghosts. He can also survive huge explosions by quickly absorbing gamma radiation.

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Although Hulk has near-indestructible skin, a few weapons like vibranium and adamantium can cut through it. He also has a susceptibility to be hurt by magic and even controlled by it.

Hulk also demonstrates a reduced intelligence capacity and is only able to have an increased intelligence when split into the Grey Hulk, albeit with reduced strength.

Hulk possesses great strength and stamina. But in a one vs one battle, Superman comes out tops. Superman’s vast array of powers mean Hulk will hardly get time to reach his full power.

Hulk will struggle with Superman’s speed since Superman can reach the speed of light. There is very little Hulk would do in such a situation. Also, Superman can simply lift Hulk out to outer space and let him lose all his breath and die.

Superman is head and shoulder above Hulk. Hulk will try to push Superman to his limits, but in the end, Superman will triumph over him.