Top 10 Superheroes With White Hair

When it comes to superheroes, everyone has their favorite. Whether it be Iron Man’s unparalleled engineering skills, Wonder Woman’s impressive strength and fighting abilities, or Aquaman’s ability to talk to fish (okay, that one might not be as impressive), each superhero brings something unique to the table.

But among all the different colors of hair in the superhero world, one particular hair color seems to be underrepresented: white hair. Here are the top 10 superheroes with white hair.


1. Storm

The weather superheroine of African descent storms her way to the top of the list. Traumatized by the death of her Kenyan mother who is a princess and her Africa-American father who is a photojournalist, in an Arab-Israeli conflict, she turns to a life of thievery. However, she’s discovered by Professor X and with the help of others, the X-men is created. Her powers include weather manipulation, temperature control, flight, lightning, immunity to lightning, and aerial adaptation. She is also a master tactician and an excellent thief.

2. Cable

X-men seem to have their fair share of white-haired superheroes. Cable, who is the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, forms an important member of the X-Force (a group of heroes formed from the New Mutants). His abilities include telekinesis, telepathy, cybernetic enhancements, near-perfect hand-to-hand combat skills, and teleportation.

3. Black Cat

Black Cat learned her thieving thread from her father, Walter Hardy, who is a cat burglar. After Walter died, Black Cat improves her acrobatics and combat skills to improve her efficiency at stealing. However, despite being one of Spiderman’s fiercest rivals, she eventually falls for him and together they form a good alliance. She is considered something of an antiheroine. Her skills center around her subconscious ability to alter probability and cause bad luck for her opponent, her use of high-quality tech gadgets, her acrobatic and combat skills, and her excellent strategic mind.

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4. Rogue

Another member of the X-men makes an appearance. Although adopted in the early stages of her life and trained as a villain by Mystique, she turns to the X-Men after she absorbed Ms. Marvel and Kreese’s powers. She spends a good portion of her life having limited human contact as a result of the nature of her power. Luckily, she learned how to control it and lead a normal and happy life. Her power includes the ability to absorb the lifeforce, abilities, and memories of anyone through skin-to-skin contact. She would gain superhuman strength, speed, and flight after absorbing them from Carol Canvers, and then later Wonder Man.

5. Magneto

The X-men has a thing for white-haired superheroes. It is a testament to how much power Magneto wields that he is named the IGN top villain of all time. Magneto goes through something of an arch; going from a villain to an antihero, to a superhero. His ability to control the earth’s magnetic force and use it to his advantage makes him a formidable superhero at any given time. He can fly by harnessing the magnetic field around him. He is also immune to telepathy with the aid of a helmet he wears.

6. Quicksilver

Quicksilver is the twin brother of Scarlet Witch. He started as a villain but later became a superhero. He can run at superhuman speed. He also has an eidetic memory and can heal rapidly. He can also control his speed to create tornadoes.

7. Silver Sable

Silver Sable acts as a mercenary for most of her depictions as a character. She is presented as both a foe and ally of Spiderman at different points. She is an excellent marksman and can rival any superhero with her hand-to-hand combat skills on her good day.

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8. Killer Frost

Killer Frost is a persona that has been adopted by several characters like Crystal Frost, Louise Lincoln, and Caitlin Snow. Despite the possession of the persona by different characters, their powers and abilities are mostly the same. They all possessed cold and ice manipulation, thermokinetic cytokinesis, thermokinesis, and energy and heat absorption. Caitlin had the added ability to create frost.

9. Speed

Speed is one-half of the twins born to Scarlet Witch and Vision. He is a member of the superhero group, the Young Avengers. His power mirrors that of his uncle, Quicksilver, but with improvements. He can reach supersonic speed, accelerate molecules, become intangible, and metabolize at a fast rate. He also has superhuman strength and supersonic perception.

10. Dove

The character of Dove is part of the superhero duo, Hawk and Dove. The group started as brothers but at some point Don Hall dies, allowing the mantle of the Dove to fall to Dawn Granger. The Dove can sense danger and transform into Dove in the presence of danger. They can judge a person’s personality accurately too. Their main characteristics are avian and they employ these in battle.