Top 10 Superheroes With Brown Hair

Superheroes are often thought of as individuals with blonde or black hair. However, several superheroes with brown hair. This list includes both male and female superheroes who have brown hair.


1. Spiderman

Spiderman swings his way to the top of the list with his myriad of abilities such as superhuman strength and reflexes; genius-level intellect; a near-perfect spider-sense; and an ability to shoot webs and cling to solid surfaces. Spiderman has shown exactly why he is considered one of the top superheroes with brown hair.

2. Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic is the second superhero on the list. His shapeshifting abilities, extreme malleability and elasticity, immunity to electricity, and resistance to physical assaults make him an incredible superhero. However, what bolsters his place in this list is his genius-level intellect. He has been dubbed the smartest superhero in the Marvel universe.

3. Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan is the most popular member of the green lantern corps and the first human to join the Green Lantern. With his impressive flight ability, he has flown his way into the top part of this list and solidified it with a range of other interesting abilities such as force field generation, translation of all languages in real-time, and generation of glowing hard structures. These he achieves with the aid of his power ring.

4. Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde is a member of the famed X-men. Her ability to “phase” proves a useful and deadly ability when in combat. She can extend this ability to six people at any given time. She also probes a formidable foe for any villain with her impressive skills in martial arts and gifted intellect.

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5. Cyclops

Cyclops can be said to be one of the pioneers of the famed X-Men. His powers focus more on the use of his optical beams. The control might be erratic at times, and he regularly requires the use of a ruby quartz visor or glasses. His beams are concentrated through adjustable apertures varying degrees. An erratic but determined superhero, Cyclops is also a master strategist and tactician. He also proves an expert in hand-to-hand combat. The brown-haired beam-shooting superhero is a top hero on any list.

6. Tim Drake

Tim Drake popularity known as Robin is the third individual in the line of boys to work for Batman. Although he takes up various aliases, he ultimately resolved to stick with the name, Robin. He has no superpower just like his mentor, Batman, but his excellent martial art skills, detective skills, intellect, and use of high-tech weapons allow him to prevail over many villains. He sits pretty on the list of top 10 superheroes with brown hair.

7. Scarlet Witch

Although Scarlet Witch starts as a reluctant supervillain, she quickly shakes off that tag and establishes herself as a powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe. Through her romantic involvement with vision, it is clear to see how much of an established person and superhero she is. Her abilities include manipulation of elements, probability, and energy, magical abilities, time-altering abilities, flight and teleporting.

8. Wasp

The Wasp is one of the founding members of the Avengers. She also acts as the leader of the group at some point. Her main strength is her ability to shrink her size to several centimeters. She also achieves flight by the use of her insectoid wings and can shoot bioelectric energy blasts. Having been listed as the fifth-greatest Avenger by justifies her is the list.

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9. Moira MacTargett

Dr. Moira MacTargett is a brilliant geneticist and a human mutant. She is one of the earth’s leading geneticists and has a Nobel Prize to back her claim. She has limited reality reality-warping ability but is extremely able to hide her mutant status from fellow mutants and humans alike. Her intellect also makes her an indispensable member of the X-men.

10. Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz is a member of the Green Lantern Corps and she’s a brown-haired beauty. With her power of a Green Power Ring, she can fly, create forcefields, travel into deep space, create constructs to attack or defend with, and speak all languages across the galaxy.