10 Great Superheroes with Black Hair

Superheroes and villains are with different hair colors that include blonde, red, white, brown, green and black. It is really nice to see our favorite superheroes have varieties of hair colors. Here is a list of ten great superheroes with black hair.


1. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of DC’s most popular characters with black hair. The Amazonian princess who has been elevated to the position of a demigod has proven over time that she has what it takes to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other DC accomplished heroes such as Batman and Superman. She is one of the founding members of the Justice League and commands a lot of respect among them.

Her powers and abilities range from multilingualism, flight, accelerated healing, and electrokinesis, to the ability to make anyone say the truth using the Lasso of Truth and others.

2. Batman

Batman belongs to the class of those heroes who have no outstanding power but manage to top everyone else at their own game. The wealthy American who is black-haired and hails from Gotham City is widely respected and feared as a superhero. He is also one of the founding members of the Justice League and is responsible for training so many other superheroes.

His abilities include a genius-level IQ, master tactician and strategist, excellent fighting skills, and use of high tech and specialized equipment.

3. Black Panther

The ruler and protector of Wakanda, Black Panther, is a superhero with many responsibilities. He is popular among African readers and carries the knowledge of that into battle. He can draw upon the strength and wisdom of past Black Panthers. His powers are achieved by drinking a concoction produced using the essence of a heart-shaped leaf found only in Wakanda.

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His powers include superhuman reflexes, extensive knowledge of science and technology, genius-level intellect, and expert martial art. He also uses vibranium suits and equipment.

4. Superman

Superman is a DC character with black hair. Often dubbed “Man of Steel”, this Kryptonian superhero wears a blue suit with a red cape and a red ‘S’ emblazoned across the chest area. He is considered to be the strongest superhero ever, and there is a credible claim. Superman seems almost invincible and often makes light work of opponents far larger than him. He is also a founding member of the Justice League.

His powers and ability include flight, X-ray vision, solar energy radiation absorption, molecular acceleration, superhuman strength and speed, and a lot more.

5. X-23

The biological daughter of Wolverine, X-23, was born and raised in captivity and possess black hair. She was trained to be the perfect killing machine and excelled at it. However, a series of occurrences led her to the X-men who trained and shaped her into a superhero.

Her abilities include superhuman strength, durability, senses, reflexes, agility and animal-like attributes. She also has adamantium retractable claws. She can regenerate too.

6. Wolverine

Wolverine is considered something of an antihero due to his predisposition to use excessive force and being a loner most of the time. He is one of the more popular members of the X-Men and leads the group in some instances.

His powers are the same with X-23; superhuman strength, durability, senses, reflexes, agility and animal-like attributes. He’s one of the great superheroes with black hair.

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7. Zatanna

Zatanna is a magician and casts her spell by speaking the words of incantations backward. She is one of the strongest members of the Justice League, and at some point, Green Arrow admits that she could be the strongest member of the Justice League.

Due to her expertise in the use of magic, her powers are vast. They include nature manipulation, weather manipulation, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, and a whole lot others. And she is one of the top superheroes with black hair.

8. Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange is also another Marvel character with black hair. He serves as the sorcerer supreme; the earth’s protector against magical and mystical beings. He started as an egoistical and talented surgeon but couldn’t perform surgeries as a result of a car accident that affected his hands. He finds healing in the hands of the Ancient One, and in due time becomes the sorcerer supreme.

He uses mystical objects such as the Eye of Agamotto and the Cape of Levitation. He also has mastery of magic. His intellect and hand-to-hand combat skills are very impressive.

9. Nightwing

Nightwing is the first of the Robins associated with Batman. He retires his position as Robin and officially becomes Nightwing as a young adult. He is the protector of Blüdhvan, a neighboring city to Gotham. He was once the leader of the Teen Titans. He is in peak human condition and has black hair.

He is a highly skilled tactician and field commander. He also possesses impressive acrobatic and martial art skills.

10. Iron Man

Iron Man is considered the co-leader of the Avengers and he is black-haired. His wealth and sophisticated technology allow him to wage war on villains and come out successful. Having created his suit as a result of a severe chest injury during a kidnapping, he has morphed into a brilliant superhero.

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His genius-level intellect makes him a good tactician and strategist. His suit grants him immense powers and abilities that he puts to good use.