10 Superheroes With Beards & Mustaches

For many years, beards have become popular with men of all ages. When it comes down to it, facial hair is an easy way to change your looks. Besides, it looks fashionable on most chins and lips.

Like most men, superheroes also love their facial hair. If you check through comics or tv shows, you can find tons of characters with mustaches or full beards.

Would you like to know 10 superheroes that have beards or mustaches? If yes, then continue reading.

Here are some of the top characters that either have a beard or mustache.


1. Green Arrow

Green Arrow Oliver Queen
Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)

In 1969, a comic artist decided to give Green Arrow a goatee and mustache. However, the growth of facial hair was not for fashion reasons. Instead, it served as a tool of protest against the corrupt elite.

As time passed, the beard became a regular part of the Green Arrow outfit. But instead of the goatee, the beard gradually turned into a Van Dyke.

His beard stands as one of the most well-kept beards of the DC Universe. In most storylines, the blond hair looks neat and well-trimmed. With this in mind, the Green Arrow deserves a place on our list of bearded superheroes.

2. Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

At the beginning of the Dr. Strange movie, Stephen was a clean-shaven surgeon that took great care of his appearance. But after his accident, he kept a rough beard for quite some time.

As he recovered and wanted to don his superhero outfit, Dr. Strange turned the wild growth of hair into a well-manicured goatee. We are not sure of the reasons for the change but we love the look. Because of this reason, we place the Sorcerer Supreme on our list of superheroes with beards.

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3. Captain America

Bearded Captain America Steve Rogers
Captain America

Although the first Avenger keeps a clean-cut appearance, he has maintained a beard from time to time. In the Infinity Wars movie, you can find a bearded Captain America running toward the screen to save his teammates. Also in the World War Z story arc, he kept a rugged growth of blond facial hair.

4. Iron Man

Iron Man Tony Stark
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Severally, Tony Stark switched between a mustache and a goatee. But after Robert Downey Jr wore a goatee for the Ironman role, Marvel decided to give Tony Stark the goatee look.

As expected, the new look suits this Avenger. Within a short time, Iron Man became one of the most popular bearded superheroes.

5. Hercules


There are many reasons why you should think about Hercules. Apart from his god-like speed and strength, he carries a massive full beard than most superheroes.

Hercules’ beard isn’t a recent item. Since his adventures in Ancient Greece, the Avenger has maintained one of the most iconic beards ever. So if you are looking for one of the best demigod beards, you should check out this superhero.

But his beard did not always have a happy story. In an old Avenger comic, the artists removed his facial hair because they didn’t want many bearded superheroes on the team at the same time. Luckily, this idea was canceled along with other costume changes.

6. Aquaman


Originally, Aquaman sported a clean-shaven face. But in the mid-90s, a reboot added a rough beard to his face. According to a story arc, Arthur grew a beard after going into seclusion. Also, this time marked a very low point in his life.

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After some years, the King of the Sea abandoned the rough beard for a well-trimmed fuzz. Although some fans might argue about the beard, this character remains one of the top bearded superheroes.

7. Wolverine


This character is also known for having facial hair. As a member of the X-Men, he is known for carrying a set of full mutton chops. But in the Logan movie, Wolverine is seen with a full beard with specks of grey.

With any of the beard styles, Logan looks badass. If he shaves his beard, we might not be fans of that new look. But until then, he stands as one of the coolest superheroes with beards.

8. Green Lantern

Green Lantern John Stewart
Green Lantern (John Stewart)

John Stewart joined the Justice League as a clean-shaven Green Lantern. But after Hawkgirl left the team, he shaved his hair and grew a decent beard.

He kept the facial hair for some time before returning to his old look. Even if the goatee was a temporary change, we will add him to our list.

9. Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage
Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage is a badass DC superhero. He’s got an intense look, with a beard that just adds to his rough exterior. He looks like he means business, and you wouldn’t want to cross him. He’s the kind of guy that you know is dangerous, but you can’t help but be drawn to him. There’s something about his eyes that make you feel like he could see right through you.

10. Thor

Bearded Thor
Bearded Thor

Thor was the god of Thunder in Norse mythology. He was the son of Odin, the Allfather, and Jord, the giantess. Thor was a courageous warrior and one of the most popular figures in Norse mythology. He fought against giants and monsters, and his skill with the hammer Mjolnir was unmatched. Thor was also known for his good looks, and he was said to be irresistible to women. Thor’s beard is full and luxurious, hiding the many scars that mar his face.