List of Superheroes Who Kill

In comics and movies, superheroes are seen as the good guys. With this in mind, they tend to avoid hurting or killing their enemies. However, some comic superheroes prefer dealing with evil in more serious ways.

Instead of giving criminals second chances, these characters prefer taking their lives. They could go as far as wiping out all accomplices of an evil person or villain. Find below some superheroes that kill.


1. The Punisher

When it comes to killing, the Punisher might have the highest body count. After all, he believes that crime can be stopped by only killing criminals. However, there are several times when the Punisher prefers not to take a life.

Before he became a vigilante, the Punisher was a marine veteran turned FBI agent. But after the murder of his family members, he decided to avenge their death by any means necessary.

He kills his enemies in various ways. With his experience as an ex-marine, he used a wide array of weaponry and ammunition. He also has an impressive knowledge of unarmed combat.

2. Deadpool

Although Deadpool might be seen as an antihero, his past exploits might place him as one of the most loved Marvel superheroes. Known for his raunchy sense of humor, this character does not have issues with shooting, slicing, or blowing up his enemies.

Unlike some superheroes, Deadpool does not only kill the bad guys. In Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, the character wiped out the entire superhero cast of the franchise. 

3. Superman

The Man of Steel has always had avoided extreme violence against his enemies. However, there are few occasions when he has to put down his opponents for good.

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Over his career, he has killed characters like General Zod, Nuclear Man, Titan, and Mxyzptik. Besides, his act of killing the Joker comes as a major part of the Injustice saga.

Other characters on his kill list include the Kryptonian dragon, Doomsday, and Cyborg Superman. On another occasion, he strangled Wonder Woman to death with her Lasso of Truth.

4. Moon Knight

There are many reasons why this character comes up on this list. First, he killed off a villain by damaging his face. Second, he used a clock hand to harm another foe. Compared to other superheroes, Moon Knight stands as one of the most violent characters around.

Asides from his unstable mind, his quest for powers makes him a dangerous opponent. With this in mind, he has even attacked Thor to steal his Mjolnir.

5. Wolverine

Since his first appearance, Wolverine has killed many opponents. His kill list includes the Hulk, Jean Grey, Spiderman, and countless Marvelverse heroes. He also killed off villains such as Omega Red, Sabretooth, and Daken.

Unlike most comic characters, Wolverine has even gone a step further. In a storyline, he killed himself after he lost his healing powers. For these reasons, he stands as one of the top characters superheroes who kill.

6. The Black Widow

Trained as a deadly assassin, the Black Widow does not have any issues with killing off any opposition. Thanks to her skills, she has taken out the likes of Rose and Jason Sitwell. In another timeline, she took the life of Tony Stark’s butler.

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7. The Red Hood

After his death at the hands of the Joker, Jason Todd decided to take the lives of his enemies. Even if his mentor (the Batman) does not like violence, the Red Hood uses brutal means to fight crime.

As with most anti-heroes that kill, Jason tends to go overboard. During his attack on the Joker, he took off the heads of several goons without flinching. He even revealed the identity of Batman to the Riddler and Hush.

8. Wonder Woman

She might be soft-spoken and well-mannered, but this powerful superhero has taken the lives of dangerous foes. However, she only kills them as a last resort especially after diplomacy has failed.

For instance, she was forced to kill a villain when he attacked her ally. Also, she fought and killed the son of Ares as he planned to destroy Earth. Apart from these two scenarios, she has also taken the lives of Nazis, evil demigods, and superpowered beings.

9. Hit-Girl

Known as one of the major superheroes in the Kick-Ass series, Hit-Girl has killed countless criminals. As she was trained since birth to be a lethal weapon, Hit-Girl has found different ways to take the lives of her opposition. Her victims include villains like Mother Russia, Black Death, and Carnage. 

However, her exposure to violence might have had terrible effects on her mind. Sometimes she sees visions of dead people. On some occasions, she claims to receive orders from her dead father.

10. The Ghost Rider

Since the first Ghost Rider, many people have taken its mantle and become Ghost Riders themselves. During their careers, each of these characters has killed off their enemies.

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When Frank Castle became the Ghost Rider, he killed Thanos. To keep him dead, he burnt him with urine. He has even killed several superheroes from alternate timelines. 

Also, another Ghost Rider has destroyed an entire country by blowing up the place. During this event, countless lives might have been lost. Also, most Ghost Riders kill people that are guilty of various crimes.