10 Strongest Titans in Attack on Titan

Titans are powerful characters in the Attack on Titan manga series. Here, they are giant man-eaters that attack people that stay behind the wall. Also, they roam across the land like mindless beasts. 

As expected, there are several types of titans. Although they share a general appearance, they do not possess the same abilities. Besides, some of these monsters are more powerful than others.

Do you want to know some of the toughest monsters in the show? Now here are some of the strongest titans in Attack on Titan. 


1. The Armored Titan

With an average size of 15 meters, Armored Titan is one of the largest characters in Attack on Titans. It also boasts of hardened skin that can withstand attacks from various weapons including cannons.

Aside from having natural-made armor, Armored Titan can climb walls with ease. To perform this task, it creates claws on its hands and feet. Because of these abilities, Armored Titan stands as one of the strongest titan shifters.

2. Female Titan 

If you want to list the strongest Titans in Attack on Titan, don’t forget to add Female Titan. After all, it boasts of several abilities that allow it to cause havoc on the battlefield. For instance, it can attract tons of Titans to its location. Also, it has hardened skin that keeps it safe from most attacks. On top of that, it can walk long distances. 

3. Cart Titan

Although it is smaller than most Titans, Attack Titan is one of the toughest monsters on Attack on Titan. It is easily recognized because it moves on its hands and feet.

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Unlike some of the Titans, Cart Titan has an incredible amount of speed. It is also used to transport heavy artillery – while wearing tough armor-across the battlefield.  

4. Attack Titan

Attack Titan is one of the oldest and strongest Titans in Attack on Titan. Also, it has Future Memory Inheritance that allows it to see the memories of its future and past masters. Standing at 15 meters, it is also one of the relatively large characters of Attack on Titan series. 

5. Jaw Titan

You might be impressed by the features of Jaw Titan. As its name suggests, Jaw Titan offers powerful jaws that cut through many rivals and obstacles. Besides, it has strong claws that can increase the damage.

When it gets Beast Titan’s spinal fluid, Jaw Titan develops wings. It even carries passengers in the air without any hassles. Lastly, this Titan moves quicker than other monsters.

6. War Hammer Titan

When it comes to abilities, War Hammer Titan is one of the top mentions on our list. It fights with weapons built from its tough skin. Also, it allows its operators to control it remotely from other places apart from the Titan’s nape.

7. Colossus Titan

Colossus Titan has a height of 60 meters. Because of this size, it is the largest Titan of the series. Also, the size offers the Titan enough strength to cause massive damage. 

It also releases harmful steam and massive explosions. Overall, it is one of the strongest Titan shifters of the Attack on Titan series. 

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8. Beast Titan

Beast Titan is another top character of the series. Although it has great abilities, its powers depend on its master. For instance, Zeke Yeager’s Titan could throw objects over long distances. Also, the creature created and controlled some Titans. Finally, it could toughen the nape of its neck.

9. Founding Titan 

This character is Attack on Titan’s (AOT) strongest titan. After all, it can build and operate Titans. Also, it does a great job of modifying the memories of the Subjects of Ymir. 

Apart from the above-listed abilities, Founding Titan is a powerful telepath. With this skill, it can communicate with the inhabitants of Ymir. 

10. Pure Titans

Pure Titan might have the smallest body, but when in groups, it can change the tide of battle. This creature has physical strength and are used as a war machine.

Some times, a Pure Titan might act strange. For instance, it might ignore humans and attack other items. In the series, such Titans are nicknamed “Abnormal Titans”.