Top 10 Strongest Naruto Characters

When it comes to characters, the Naruto franchise offers an interesting selection. As expected, these individuals come with various skills and abilities.

These characters do not have the same level of powers. With this in mind, you will have some characters that can easily overpower other members of the cast.

Now the question comes – who are the strongest Naruto characters?  If you are curious about the answer, you can pick the answer on our list. Now let’s get started.


Strongest Naruto Characters

Here are the most powerful characters from the Naruto franchise. However, this list is not based on the ranking of their powers or any other method.

1. Naruto Uzumaki

Asides from standing as the major character of the series, Naruto boasts of some of the greatest abilities around. In his basic form, he can perform powerful Rasengan and also summon the Toad chiefs. But when he goes into the stronger Sage Mode, Naruto turns into pure flaming chakra.

Although he possesses great powers, Naruto is quite friendly. You can even describe him as one of the loveable characters of the series.

2. Kaguya

If you are looking for a character that is stronger than Naruto, you should list Kayuga. Asides from being the first character to possess chakra, she is also one of the toughest villains of the show.

Kaguya has tons of abilities that can scare any opposition. For instance, she can manipulate time, read thoughts and use shockwaves to wipe out entire populations.

3. Itachi Uchiha

Since childhood, Itachi Uchiha has shown some of the strongest abilities in the Naruto series. At a young age, he joined the elite ANBU unit and became one of its best agents.

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Itachi has one of the most powerful Sharingan of the series. Known as the Mangeyko Sharingan, this ability brings unspeakable pain to its targets. Also, it casts illusions that can confuse even well-trained rivals.

4. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke was just like any regular kid. But after witnessing Itachi destroy his clan, he trained until he became one of the strongest Naruto characters.

After defeating his brother, he unlocked the deadly Mangeyko Sharingan. He even progressed with his training and got more powerful skills such as the Rinnegan and Indira’s Arrow.

Sasuke has used his abilities to defeat some of the greatest fighters of the Naruto franchise. These rivals include Itachi, Orochimaru, and Naruto.

5. Nagato (Pain)

When Akatsuki was formed, Pain became one of the founding members of this criminal organization. Besides, he has many abilities that made him a formidable foe.

Thanks to his skill, Nagato could use gigantic asteroids to destroy any target. On top of that, he could also bring back people from the dead and control them.

Since Pain has a frail body, opponents might confuse him for a weak foe. However, his skills, determination, and charisma turned him into one of the most dangerous threats to Hidden Leaf village.

6. Might Guy

Unlike most names on our list, Might Guy does not have special moves or magic. Instead, he depends on the natural art of taijutsu which does not require chakra.

Having mastered the Eight Inner Gate technique, Might Guy battled high-powered villains like Madara to a standstill. For this reason, you might describe Guy as one of the best taijutsu fighters of the series.

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7. Kakashi

Kakashi might be remembered as the tutor of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. However, he is also one of the most powerful characters in the series. His abilities include the dreaded Mangeyko Sharingan, Chidori, and tons of other techniques.

Because of his skills, he stands as a viable asset to the ANBU black ops. Overall, he stands as one of the top-rated fighters of the series.

8. Jiraiya

For most of his life, Jiraya won most of his battles against different rivals. After all, he stood as one of the top-class fighters of the series.

Although Jiraya could perform various Justus, the Rasengan came as one of the best tools in his arsenal. With constant practice, he even produced larger versions that could cut through bodies.

9. Gaara

IIn the early part of the series, Gaara set out to destroy anyone that got in the way. But as time passed, he became an important ally of heroes such as Naruto.

One of his deadliest attacks involves crushing his opponents in a coffin of sand. As for defense, he can manipulate the sand into tough body armor. Moreover, Gaara can also use sand to build shields, walls, claws, and tidal waves.

10. Madara Uchiha

There are many reasons why Madara Uchiha deserves a spot on this list. First, he can perform several types of special moves. Then he used his skills to almost wipe out an alliance of the strongest Naruto characters. Moreover, he gained more power by becoming the 10 Tails Jinchuriki.