10 Strongest Gods of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super

In the Dragon Ball series, Gods of Destruction are super beings that destroy threats to a universe. As expected, each of these Gods boasts of incredible powers and abilities.

However, the Gods are not on the same power level. With this in mind, some of the beings outrank each other. For this reason, we have weak and strong Gods of Destruction.

Here are some of the strongest Gods of Destruction. We like to add that these names are not ranked according to their power levels.


Strongest Gods of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super

1. Beerus

This purple cat stands as one of the most powerful characters of the Dragon Ball franchise. He is the God of Destruction of Universe 7 and wields immense power.

Asides being performing dangerous attacks, Beerus can fly, see the future and create energy blasts. He also makes clones of himself without any hassles.

Although he has impressive abilities, Beerus prefers naps and grooming. He is even seen as one of the lazy characters of the series.

2. Heles

Asides from coming as an elegant goddess, Heles is the only female super God of Destruction. On top of that, she has an intense hatred for unattractive items.

During the series, she has defeated several high-powered fighters. Her abilities include the ability to fly, create energy waves and use telepathy. Furthermore, she can destroy everything including ghosts and gods.

This character also has a mastery of the bow and arrow. Unlike regular weapons, she fires her projectiles as energy blasts.

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3. Quitela

Although Quitela didn’t last long, he stands as one of the top dragon ball super gods. It would even be fair if you compared him with Beerus. On an episode, he could take on an arm-wrestling march against the top dragon ball super gods.

Quitela is the God of Destruction for Universe 7. Like most names on our list, he can wipe out entire planets and has amazing fighting skills. Furthermore, he is highly skilled in manipulation.

Surprisingly, Quitela does not care much about his abilities. Instead, he prefers enjoying naps and video games. Also, he is quite self-centered and has a poor opinion of other people.

4. Zamansu

Zamansu might not be the hardest member of the group, but he deserves a spot on our list. He was also loved for his calm attitude especially during combat. Moreover, he had a fondness for nature and animals.

This character had an interesting set of abilities. For instance, he could enhance the speed of his allies. Besides, he slowed downtime and perform several transformations.

Zamansu was erased after joining the dark side. But he is still remembered as one of the strongest gods of the franchise.

5. Champa

He is the twin brother of Beerus. As expected, this God of Destruction boasts amazing skills and abilities. But he does not have the same power levels as his sibling

During combat, he can offer powers to his allies and destroy. He is known to have destroyed tons of Gods and other individuals.

6. Rummshi

Famous for his elephant head, this character is another powerful God of Destruction. When it comes to abilities, his figures score pretty high.

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His powers include weather control, clairvoyance, enhanced senses, and flight. Also, Rummshi has lots of experience in martial arts. 

This character is also feared for his Battle Roar technique. With this cry, he can paralyze his opponents and make them defenseless. 

But hard work isn’t a major strength of this super god. Instead of performing his duties, he prefers lazing around.

7. Ivan

Ivan might look harmless. But he stands as one of the strongest super gods of the dragon ball series. He is the God of Destruction of Universe 4 and has shown love for his divine position.

Ivane shares abilities with most characters on our list. After all, he can destroy any part of his universe with relative ease. He also has an interest in martial arts.

8. Sidra

There are tons of reasons why Sidra is seen as one of the top dragon ball super gods. For instance, he was quick enough to block one of Beerus’s attacks. On top of that, he can destroy almost anything and create one of the toughest shields of the series. Other abilities include flight and the creation of energy blasts.

Sidra is the God of Destruction of Universe 9. He is attended to by his martial arts teacher, Mohito.

Although Sidra does not like violence, he isn’t friendly towards mortals. With this in mind, he destroys them without blinking an eye.

9. Giin

Giin is the God of Destruction of Universe 12. Also known as Geene, this character also has incredible powers and abilities. With this in mind, he is one of the strongest gods of destruction.

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The super-being looks like a merman with a muscular build. Compared to many of the gods, he is also an efficient worker that completes his god-like duties.

Apart from having enviable fighting skills, Geene can destroy planets, civilizations, and other potential threats to his universe. Besides, he can also fly and perform energy blasts.

10. Arak

When it comes to looks, Arak is one of the strangest characters of the Dragon Ball Super series. At first glance, it is easy to confuse him for a fish or amphibian.

But looks aren’t the reason for Arak’s presence on this list. Rather, his personality and skills make him one of the powerful members on this list.

The funny-looking guy spends hours in training thereby placing him above his rivals. He is also a wise character that looks for ways to support his universe.

Arak has sympathy for all creatures. During the destruction of some worlds, this super god was shaken and felt sad.

Thanks to his impressive fighting skills, Arak can take on many tough characters. In an exhibition match, he stood his ground against two Gods at the same time.

He boasts of telekinesis, energy projection, and flight. Moreover, he has developed several fighting techniques.