10 Strongest Female Superheroes You Should Know

In comics, you can find heroes from different races and worlds. As expected, these characters fall under various genders. Some people see male superheroes as the toughest characters. However, tons of female superheroes can take on the greatest villains.

In this post, you can find top female characters from different comic brands. If you check their stats, they stand as iconic members of their teams.

Here is a selection of some of the strongest female superheroes. However, this list is not based on a ranking of their powers.


1. Wonder Woman

Born on the Island of Amazon Warriors, Wonder Woman has remained one of the legendary members of the Justice League. Apart from receiving training from tutors, she became adept at many forms of hand combat. Also, Wonder Woman knows how to use different modern and ancient weapons.

Her other abilities include superhuman strength, durability, speed, and reflexes. She also has magical weapons like her bracelets and a golden lasso.  

Wonder Woman’s adventures are filled with tales of her strength. In a Superman comic, she broke the doors of the Fortress of Solitude without much stress. She also carried Thor’s Hammer in a crossover comic.

2. Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)

Supergirl is one of the top female superheroes of the DC Universe. She also comes from Krypton and is a relative of Superman.

After escaping the destruction of her home planet, she fled to Earth. Like her cousin, Kara was adopted by human parents. As she grew up, she had to hide her powers from prying eyes.

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With exposure to the yellow sun, Supergirl has similar abilities as Superman. As expected, Supergirl has super speed, super strength, flight, and heat vision. Also, she uses her superhuman breath to freeze enemies or blow them away.

During her career, she has used her powers to battle villains from several worlds. For instance, she has defeated dangerous characters like Lobo and the Anti-Monitor.

3. Gamora

After saving her from a massacre, Thanos trained Gamora to become an assassin. But when she discovered his plans to wipe out the universe, she left him and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Since she is well trained, Gamora stands as one of the best martial artists of the Marvelverse. Besides, she has great skills in handling a dagger or sword.

Like most mentions on our list, Gamora has used her skills to defeat powerful foes. As she searched for the Infinity stones, she defeated the Mad Titan without any help.

4. Black Canary

Trained by the best fighters of the DCU, the Black Canary is skilled in different martial arts. She also has a special scream that knocks out most of her foes. But instead of using this ability frequently, she depends on hand-to-hand combat.

Her list of defeated opponents includes names such as Amazo and Batman. Moreover, her scream has hurt Superman and made his ears bleed.

5. Storm

Storm comes from a long line of African priestesses. Also, she is one of the most powerful members of the X-Men.

After losing her parents, Ororo roamed the streets of New York as a pickpocket. But a meeting with Professor X pushed her to become a member of the X-Men. As a member of the team, she used her powers to fulfill various missions.

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Storm can manipulate the weather, especially over large areas. Aside from these conditions, she controls heat, air pressure, moisture, and tons of other elements. Moreover, she possesses the power of flight.

6. The Scarlet Witch

Also known as Lady Chaos, Wanda Maximoff is the twin sister of Quicksilver. With the ability to control reality, this sorceress remains one of the strongest female superheroes.

She was recruited by Magneto to join his team of supervillains. After his abduction, Wanda and her twin left the group and decided to join the Avengers. They made this decision as a way to atone for their crimes.

Her list of powers places her at the top of any list. Amongst other abilities, she can manipulate realities, absorb energy, shoot beams and handle strategy. She also comes as an experienced hand-to-hand fighter.

7. Captain Marvel

As a child, Carol had a frosty relationship with her parents. When she became older, she rebelled and decided to join the USAF. During her pilot years, Carol stood out as an exceptional member of her squad.

After an explosion, Carol acquired superpowers and became Captain Marvel. As she evolved her powers, she stopped an alien invasion and even stood toe-to-toe against Thanos. Overall, she is seen as one of the strongest heroes of the multiverse.

8. Zatanna

Zatanna is the daughter of a master magician, Zatara. Even if she came from a magical family, she discovered her abilities later in life. As time passed, she became one of the strongest members of the Justice League and DCU.

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With her magical powers, she has performed several interesting feats. In a storyline, she wiped out Batman’s mind while other comic talks about her success at defeating Felix Faust. For this reason, she deserves a spot on our list.

9. Black Widow

She might not have superpowers like other superheroes. However, her fighting skills and experience earned her place on the Avengers. Besides, she has used her powers to defeat seemingly tougher opponents.

In Amazing Spider Man #86, she captured Spidey with one of her traps. Besides, another comic shows her fighting off 100 men without any help. Furthermore, she is one of the few characters that can tame the Hulk.

10. Batwoman

This superhero reminds us of Batman in many ways. After all, she is a wealthy heiress to a large fortune. Also, she uses a similar costume as Batman. But she prefers to work on her own without depending on help from the Dark Knight.

There are many reasons why Batwoman stands as one of the most powerful female superheroes. First, she is a highly skilled detective, markswoman, and martial artist. Combined with her genius-level intellect, these abilities can handle any superpowered opposition.