10 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime shows. Since its debut as a comic, the franchise has attracted fans from across the planet.

Like most manga, Dragon Ball has tons of interesting characters. Each of these individuals has different powers and skills. As expected, some of the characters are stronger than others.

Here are some of the strongest dragon ball characters. However, this list does not use any type of ranking.


Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

1. Goku

Goku is the main character of the Dragon Ball franchise. Known for his gentle nature, the hero has one of the best fighting skills in the series.

He spends most of his time training and become stronger. Besides, he was able to master the Ultra Instinct – a tough skill – within a short period. With this in mind, he deserves to be called one of the strongest Dragon Ball characters.

When it comes to abilities, Goku stands as one of the top Dragon Ball fighters. Asides from having superhuman strength and durability, Goku can create energy blasts, teleport, fly and transform into a large creature. Furthermore, he can read minds and heal himself

2. Vegeta

Vegeta is another character that possesses an incredible amount of power. Apart from having natural strength, he spends time increasing his power and skills.

On Dragon Ball, this character has an impressive selection of skills. For instance, Vegeta can transform into various forms, perform energy attacks and perform different energy attacks.

His most powerful attack is the God Final Flash. Before Vegeta can use this move, he will have to transform into the Super Saiyan form.

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3. Jiren

Although he witnessed sad events as a child, Jiren has grown into one of the strongest dragon ball characters. Because of his incredible strength, he was almost picked as a God of Destruction.

Jiren trains like most of the high-powered characters of Dragon Ball. Besides, he has an impressive amount of endurance and energy levels.

When Jiren met Goku in combat, he stood as a tough opponent. During this period, Jiren could withstand most of Goku’s powerful attacks such as the Spirit Bomb.

4. Broly

Broly is one of the toughest villains of the Dragon Ball series. Since he is a Saiyan, he has agility, super strength, durability and speed. On several occasions, Broly created energy blasts and shields, manipulated time and shown extreme stamina.

Thanks to his powers, Broly can be described as the strongest character in Dragonball Super. A fighter even claimed that the villain was stronger than the God of Destruction. In the older Dragon Ball series, he has defeated tons of great fighters such as Trunks, Goku and Vegeta.

5. Master Roshi

There are many reasons why Master Roshi deserves a spot on our list. When it comes down to it, he is the character that trained several strong fighters – including Goku. He even transformed into a giant ape and destroyed the moon.

Master Roshi knows strategy and many types of martial arts. On top of that, he gained immortality by eating the Paradise Grass and created the Kamehameha attack.

However, most of his exploits were performed in his early years. Besides, he has a terrible reputation for being a creep and lazy.

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6. Trunks

Now, who is the strongest in dragon ball super? Well, if you have this question on your mind, then you might have to pick Trunks. Born by Vegeta and Bulma, Trunks has qualities that can push him to the top of our list.

Trunks is one of the few characters that can transform into a Super Saiyan. Also, he can travel in time and show an impressive knowledge of martial arts. With these qualities, he has defeated several Dragon Ball Z villains.

The character also carries a sword. After getting training from Gohan, Trunks was able to use this weapon to defeat many opponents.

7. Gohan

Although he has a calm outlook, Gohan possesses more power than most of the Super Saiyans. But instead of becoming a fighter, Gohan prefers family life and becoming a scholar.

Gohan is the son of Goku and Chichi. Since his father was the first Super Saiyan, Gohan enjoys an immense supply of energy. He also has super strength, durability, and the power of flight.

Many characters have lost to Gohan. They include Turles, Frieza, and members of the Spice Gang.

8. Frieza

Known as an enemy of Goku, Emperor Frieza deserves to be the strongest character in dragon ball super. Like a true villain, Frieza has caused wanton destruction of different parts of the Dragon Ball Universe, the death of Vegeta’s father, and the murder of his soldiers.

His abilities include immortality, super strength, superhuman durability, and speed. Besides, he can regenerate damaged body parts and survive the harshest environments. He is even a skilled martial artist and tactician.

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Freiza is also remembered for his iconic battles. For instance, his fight with Goku lasted for 19 episodes thereby standing as one of the longest battles of anime history.

9. Vados

Vados is another fighter that can take on any Dragon Ball character. After all, she boasts of some of the greatest abilities of the series.

She is a humanoid and martial arts expert that trains the God of Destruction. Throughout her career, she has shown many feats of strength. In an episode, Vados used a single tap to destroy a planet.

The humanoid has the power of flight, immortality, and divination. She even creates large energy shields and creates objects from thin air. Looking at these powers, she stands as one of the strongest female dragon ball characters.

10. Piccolo

Piccolo started his life as a villain. But as time passed, he changed his ways and became an ally of Goku. As a hero or villain, Piccolo can stand against many members of the Dragon Ball Universe.

Unlike some of the fighters, Piccolo can regenerate his limbs and heal other characters. He is also a master tactician that can sense weaknesses and draw up battle plans.

This character spends most of his time in solitude and training. Besides, Piccolo is famous for keeping a straight face at all times.