The Fascinating Story Behind the Spiderman Pointing Meme

Memes are an important part of social media. They could be described as funny images, videos, or text that are popular with internet users.

One of the popular memes is the Spiderman Pointing Meme. This meme consists of Spiderman pointing at another Spiderman. However many people do not know the origin of the meme.

Are you curious about the Spiderman pointing meme? Do you want to know the reason for the Spiderman pointing image?  Well, let’s tell you more about this popular image.

Spiderman Pointing Meme

The Origin of the Spiderman Pointing Meme

The Spiderman Pointing Meme comes from the first season of an old Spiderman TV show. The episode was titled “Double Identity” and was the 19th episode of the first season.

During this episode, Spiderman fought an impersonator called Charles Cameo. As he tried to stop Charles from stealing from a museum, both men pointed at each other. To create more confusion, both men wore Spiderman Suits. This was the scene that became the popular Spiderman pointing Meme.

As both men pointed at each other, both men accused each other of impersonating Spiderman. However, Spiderman was able to overpower  Cameo and save the day.

The meme was first used in 2011. But it became viral in 2016 after an internet user uploaded it on Twitter. Today, the image of spiderman pointing at another spiderman has become one of the popular pictures on the internet. Furthermore, the image has evolved into different variations with various captions. 

What Does the Spiderman Pointing Meme Mean?

The Spiderman Pointing Meme means people with similar ideas meeting each other. Most times, this meme is used in humorous situations.