Spiderman is back


As we know Spiderman is back to MCU now.
But there is still rumours that Spiderman is going to appear in Sony’s next venom movie.
Do you think that tom will play different spidey in both different universe or marvel & sony have still surprises like venom will also join MCU. I really excited after listening this news.
What’s your thought on this!?

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  1. He will carry the same character and personality. But the venom movie will focus on Carnage, Cletus Kasady. I also think that the venom symbiote will move to a female user that we have already seen!

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  2. Continutaion of spiderman series is not a bad idea

  3. Hell yeah I am happy for spiderman and continuation of spiderman series is a pretty good idea

  4. Spiderman can have i reboot and can introduce deadpool to it

  5. Yeah I am very excited about this I want to see what can happen in future MCU movies..

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