The 8 Smartest Humans in DC Comics [Ranked]

Intelligence or smartness can beat physical strength. Some of the superheroes and villains of DC Comics know this very well.

These characters have managed to survive great problems and defeat fearsome rivals. Sometimes without even having special powers other than their super-developed intellect.

Here are the 8 smartest Earth characters in DC Comics.

#8 Ted Kord (Blue Beetle)

Better known as the Blue Beetle, Ted Kord managed to amass a great fortune thanks to his intellect. Ted invented a wide variety of weapons and devices to aid him in his fight against crime. Unlike Jaime Reyes, who needed the help of alien technology to be a hero.

Despite that, many people underestimate his intelligence, perhaps due to his friendship with Booster Gold.

#7 Barbara Gordon (Batgirl)

As Commissioner Gordon’s daughter, Barbara was always on the edge of danger. And, that went up to another level when she decided to fight crime alongside Batman.

The Joker shot her and she was left in a wheelchair. That did not stop her from pursuing her heroic career, as she became Oracle, the mastermind behind the bat family operations. Her tactical intelligence rivals that of Batman, mostly because she can think very well under pressure.

#6 Lex Luthor (Mockingbird)

Perhaps out of jealousy or his ego, but Lex Luthor considers Superman his greatest enemy. Despite not having powers, he has faced the Kryptonian on several occasions and in some of them he won. In physical power, Superman wins by a lot, although the story is different if the intellect of both is compared.

#5 Batman

Not for nothing is he considered the best detective in the world. He is capable of solving even the most complicated cases with few or no clues.

Batman is the world’s most brilliant strategist, capable of operating all Justice League missions on his own. He is famous for always having a plan for any contingency, even in case his own teammates lose control.

#4 Victor Stone (Cyborg)

Cyborg is almost no longer human but remains one of the smartest people in the DC universe. As the son of one of the world’s leading scientists, Victor Stone was already a genius before he suffered the accident that turned him into a superhero.

#3 Michael Holt (Mr. Terrific)

Michael Holt, better known as Mr. Terrific, has an enviable physique, formed by years of hard training. However, the most prominent thing about him is his brain, since he is a scientist of the highest level, one of the few who perfectly understands the technology of the future. Thanks to him, the Justice League has come out of several troubles.

#2 Adrian Veidt (Ozymandias)

In Watchmen, the most powerful force is without a doubt Doctor Manhattan. But he’s not as smart as Adrian Veidt.

Ozymandias is considered to be at the top of humans when it comes to physical abilities and being smart. His plan to save the world was cruel but effective.

#1 Ray Palmer (The ATOM)

If Ray Palmer found a way to get to the Marvel universe, he would humiliate Hak Pym and his famous particles with his smartness. His shrinking technology is unmatched.

His powers may not be very flashy however, if he puts his mind to it, he could put the Justice League in serious trouble, with everything and Batman’s plans.

Do you know of any other supersmart DC characters that should be on the list? Share what you know in the comments.