I hope they do!!!

I also hope that spidey should come back to marvel but Sony Pictures’ Chairman Tony Vinciquerra recently said that they have seven to eight years of content planned in terms of its Spider-Man cinematic universe.

I already heard that Disney is in talks to buy back either spider man or buy and become majority stack holder of Sony and bring spider man back to Marvel.

Yhere is an rumours that Apple, Amazon and Netflix are making plan to buy sony pictures for their series.
if Sony is bought by another company, the rights to Spidey will revert to Marvel Studios. They way they will not lose any single penny and get spidey back to MCU therefore they are on hold to this deal until the confirmation of that rumours.

I think that eventually, they will reach an agreement.
But the main thing to see is how much time that takes.
And how Sony continues with Holland in the meantime.

Sony pulled Marvel out of the deal because that was something that made them a lot of profit I don’t think they’ll be back any time too soon.