Right now Who is the most intelligent character in Marvel movies !?
(From Every movie that Marvel produced/directed till now)

Reed Richards and Henry Pym are widely accepted to be the two smartest humans in the Marvel Universe. Pym, in fact, is recognized by Eternity as Earth’s “Scientist Supreme”, which perhaps gives him a minor edge over Richards.

Pym (the original ant-man)
Richards (Mr fantastic)

I will suggest Henry Pym, Reed Richard’s & Bruce Banners are the smartest person in the marvel universe. Whether they all have high qualified degree compare with normal scientists.
Reed Richard (Mr Fantastic)
Henry Pym (Ant Man)
Bruce Banner (Hulk)

I guess Shuri is by far the most Intelligent being in MCU. M not sure but didn’t Russo Brothers confirmed this?

Along with “Scientist Supreme “ Hank Pym , Hank Mccoy aka Beast is also one of the most intelligent marvel characters

tony stark
bruce banner