We know that in the beginning of Endgame, Thanos made it clear that all the stones are destroyed. Well but as the entire timeline change and also loki stole Space stone, we are not really sure where are all the stones right now.
We can assume that Time Stays constant and the change in past events doesn’t effect the present and create a paradox. Lets assume that if an event is changed or modified in past then event occurring later will create and lead to the same present. So even if the past was changed the present still remained same and Thanos ended up destroying the stones in present. And I dont know what I am talking, lol. Anyway I think the stones are destroyed.

In the starting part of the endgame as avengers and captain marvel goes in the search of thanos and in search of infinity stones but thanos destroyed the infinity stones with the infinity stones so there are no more infinity stones but thanks to ant man and the rat who saved him with the help of ant man and tony stark avengers went into different timelines and brought the infinity stones to the present time and after the war with the past thanos captain america went and returned the infinity stones as per their timelines.

There are no more infinity stones, they were destroyed at the start of endgame by thanos as banner stated when they go back in time it doesnt affect their timeline and cap returned all the stones so there are none currently