Pretty hyped…
With the possible changes of Jane foster being from another universe I would love to see characters like ‘nobilus’ or ‘ulik’

I think its going to go great, although I am a little spectacle with its poster. The poster seems ‘pretty’ which is weird…
I dont know, i think that the movie will us going to be more of a love story..

I am very hyped to see thor when he will see Jane after some many years.
He has now no one from his family like odin, loki, hemdal and when he will see jane that will be incredible.

Very excited.
Though the name is kinda weird (dark world and Ragnarok sounded much more impressive) but having two Thors would be a new experience in MCU and also the director made a great work of Ragnarok, so let’s see how this one goes.

I am so hyped to see two Thor’s one In a male version and one in a female version , just imagine if we can get a fight sequence between two thors