Why dont we hear anything about Uncle Ben in the MCU Spider-Man. I think they should do (if Spidey is in the MCU again) a Origin Story for him. But something new not like the other 2 Spider-Man but a Spidey Story. What do you think?

They have already started to gave information about uncle ben in ffh. But now this will not going to happen as you know that now Spiderman is out of mcu.

At this point marvel can’t tell you anything about uncle Ben that hasn’t been shown already in the previous films. I prefer marvel hint about what happened but not actually show us.

Uncle ben won’t be brought in at any time further but he can be related to something in past(like when hulk got mad in AOU it might have killed him and peter doesn’t know about it)

He won’t be brought in future movies.

In next movie they would disclose it